Blood. Simple. [Infographic]

Blood. Simple. [Infographic]

Blood is important. However, when a medical need for blood occurs, many hospitals are running short. has created an infographic detailing the importance of blood donation, entitled “Blood. Simple”. With less than 10% of individuals being able to give blood, it’s important than any individual that can, does. Currently, only 7.8% of eligible blood donors donate in a given year, leaving hospitals and medical centers constantly in a scramble to keep up supply.
41,000 blood donations are needed every single day, and one single victim from a car accident may require up to 100 pints of blood during their emergency treatment. And with so many eligible donors neglecting to donate, it’s important to emphasize just how simple it is. The process takes just a few minutes, includes a quick registration, a basic, confidential medical exam, and the drawing process, which takes about 1- minutes. Recovery is straightforward and simple. Many blood donation centers and drives offer incentives to donors, as well. More importantly, every drop you donate helps save lives.
Blood. Simple. [Infographic]


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