Infographic – iPhone Using Tips & Tricks You May Not Know

Infographic – iPhone Using Tips & Tricks You May Not Know

I’ve been using an iPhone for 5 years, used an iPhone 6s Plus and an iPhone 8. As a veteran iPhone user, I thought I knew enough about my iPhone. However, to my surprise, the other day when my friend told me about my iPhone’s shortcut feature, I was completely out of my depth. I really don’t know how many other iPhone features I haven’t discovered and used. Well, what about you?

Here are some tips and tricks about using the iPhone, and some features that are often overlooked by users. Now, check to see if you know these iPhone features.


It’s known to all that the next generation of the new iPhone will be officially launched in a few days. Many new features are expected to follow; especially there also come with the new iOS system – iOS 13. Hope you’ll make the most use of your iPhone.

If you’re going to buy a new iPhone, one of the essential things you want to do is copying the important data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. Besides using iTunes, you’re also suggested using an iTunes alternative IOTransfer to make the data copying faster and simpler. Why? Because this iPhone transfer tool enables you to transfer all kinds of data like photos, contacts, videos, music and more across iDevice, computer, iCloud easily, as well as provides the stable wireless transfer.

Hopefully, you’ve got a couple of new things about your iPhone that you didn’t know before from this post. And even if you knew about all of the tips mentioned above, resurfacing them again might prompt you to memorize a handy feature or two that you might have forgotten about. And, if you plan to upgrade to the new iPhone, don’t forget to give a try on IOTransfer.

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