24 Funniest Ways to Die

24 Funniest Ways to Die

24 Funniest Ways to Die Death is an inevitable part of life, there is nothing you can do to avoid it, all you can do is make sure you fit in as much life as possible before your time is up. And of course make sure you go out with a bang. Of course none of the people mentioned above planned such a memorable, unique and hilarious end to their lives, but they do serve as a reminder of just how many people around the world, every year, are putting themselves at risk without thinking, sometimes with terminal results. While, like most things, these stories are funny because they’ve happened to someone else, if they get you thinking about life and death and the fragility of it all, then they have not been in vain because you just never know when you’ll be stabbed by a chicken, or be lighting someone’s fart on fire for the last time.

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