Taking Off: Travel Trends [Infographic]

Taking Off: Travel Trends [Infographic]

Everyone loves vacations whether it’s exploring a remote locale, or sitting poolside enjoying a cool drink. Unfortunately, the 2007 recession brought a halt to many American’s vacation plans. While fewer Americans are taking vacations, www.besthospitalitydegrees.com has created an infographic entitled “Taking Off: Travel Trends in 2013” detailing the destinations, planning, and habits of those individuals who will be traveling this year.
65% of employees have planned to take a vacation this year, which is a dramatic decrease from 80% back in 2007. These trips show large favor toward summer vacations. 38% of respondents reported planning vacations during the summer, while 27% planned vacations during fall, 18% during spring, and 17% during winter. With summer’s heat, it’s no surprise most vacationers prefer a beach vacations.

Taking Off: Travel Trends in 2013


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