Mac vs. PC – Who’s Really Winning? [Infographic]

Mac vs. PC – Who’s Really Winning? [Infographic]

Mac or PC? Who is winning the battle? We gathered as much information as we could, assembled that data in an objective infographic, and are now asking you to make a call – Mac or PC?

Mac vs. PC – Who’s Really Winning? [Infographic]
Via: Apple MacBook MK4M2LL/A 12-Inch Laptop with Retina Display (Gold, 256 GB)


33 thoughts on “Mac vs. PC – Who’s Really Winning? [Infographic]

  1. where are you getting your facts from???
    mac does not have better multimedia than PC, PC has far more option for all media types.
    And where do you get off say that PC can’t run mac os? my pc alone runs windows 7 (host) windows xp, mac osx, ubuntu, windows 8, and react os.
    As for performance, you can’t really blame PC for being slower, there are far more people running windows than mac, and most people are cheap and buy low end computers, its the flexibility that causes this.

    1. The multimedia thing is complete bullshit. Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING that is available on Mac has a far superior competitor for Windows. Be it video editing through Adobe After Effects, Sony’s Vegas, or any of the literally HUNDREDS of free and open source programs available online. or audio editing through ProTools, Sonar, Reaper, or again any of the HUNDREDS of free alternatives and open source options online. Adobe Photoshop was created for Windows and is simply ported to the MAC one of the points of contention between Adobe and Apple is Adobe’s slow update time in regard to security upgrades on the MAC.

      And when it comes to file formats for media Mac is moving in the WRONG direction limiting what file formats you can use (eliminating flash for one) so they can charge you for any and all content through their app store/itunes. In 10 years the top of the line MAC will only run Apple formats. MOV, and their bastardized version of ACC.

      The PC on the other hand immediately adapts to new formats, such as the growing popularity of OGG and FLAC. If a newer better file format for media comes out tomorrow you can bet your ass it will launch with a windows codec as well as a plugin for web browsers.

      1. I can get Adobe After Effects in windows, I can get all CS* in windows, and like you say “HUNDREDS of free and open source programs.” I don’t see where you are coming from. There seems to be some strange stigma that macs = ZOMG AMAZING for media, I don’t understand it. I can get all the same programs you can except apple exclusives like garage band or imovie, but I don’t want either of those and there are open sourced alternatives.

  2. Wow you have received some very skewed information here. As a previous person commented the graphic clearly says windows offers an unending variety of choices of computers. How can you possibly do a speed test and gather an average when there are rarely computers that operate the same hardware. Some of the other points are also ridiculous but I’m sure other people will be tearing it apart.

  3. Wow…I AM a Mac user, and I have to say that you did a very poor job hiding your obvious Mac appreciation. I like them due to simple personal style, but I KNOW that these “facts” are total bull. Mac’s are NOT more efficient when it comes to simply moving files and folders around. WTH are you smoking? That doesn’t even make sense! In fact, Macs are notorious for creating ghost links and shortcuts and absolutely unnecessary icons during installation… You also forgot to link security with market share. Why would someone create a virus for a device with 5% market share? Should someone do that, which they will I’m afraid, the common Mac has next to ZERO protection against anything so simple as Spyware leeching valuable information from the user. They have NOOOOOO security built in whatsoever. I do not feel safe unless I stock mine up with the best crap they got. Windows with Norton or AVG is no less safe than a Mac. Probably safer….
    Your average speeds are useless as well. As you mentioned, PCs come in all shapes and sizes. Macs have 9 options ONLY (at a premium, my wallet is sad to say…). Of course, some PCs are worse than others and wildly skew these averages…When all Macs are exactly the same (makes me feel like some sort of laptop Nazi owning one…), of course the average speeds will be what is desirable. But if someone wanted a PC with better speeds, you could pay a lot less than a Mac for that. Get your facts straight and try not to sound so bias next time. you make us all look like idiots and it makes me furious.

    1. You are the only sane Mac user I have ever seen. +10 Internets for you, sir.

      A lot of this info is blatant bullshit, such as the Typography section. It’s not the OS that’s the issue, it’s the fonts and the program used to do it. I can’t tell if the person who made this is trolling, or just really fucking stupid.

  4. This is full of so much flawed/biased information for both parties. This is in no way a good comparison of Macs and Windows PCs.

  5. For being an infographic posted in April of 2011, some of the sources are pretty old…

    The Family Resource page says: “OS X is now in its fifth version (10.4), and is considered … the most advanced commercial operating system on the market.”
    10.4 was released in 2005. 6 years ago.

    Guidenet? The last time the webpage was updated? The middle of 2004.

  6. This is wrong on almost everything. The reason very few Mac programs are running on windows is because their are hundreds of comparable and better programs available to Windows users also, a windows PC, especially one designed around multimedia will always beat a Mac because it can be designed around that purpose. The same is true for if you want a workstation PC or a gaming PC or a mix.

    As for your “speed test” well, I’M laughing. My PC starts up in under 10 secs, shuts down in less than 5. Firefox or IE9 opens virtually instantly. A ‘heavy’ program – Dragon Age Origins takes about 12 secs to load and that is probably 10 secs to long because it reads form disc. Open Office loads up in 3 secs.

    my PC is: i3-540 3.06GHz, DDR III 8gb ram, ATI HD5770 1Gb graphics, audigy pro sound, 2x500gb HDDs and a ASUS H55 motherboard. All for 600 dollars including Windows7 Home Premium and a custom box. Like to see you get a similar system from Apple because this one wipes the floor with apple.

  7. THis is a totally retarded collection of ‘facts’ with no basis in reality at all. Nice one! I particularly adore the ‘average boot time’ haha

  8. “Macs offer an unprecedented range of applications and hardware”
    I dont know if this was a joke or not?…

  9. Macs have the worst security compared to Windows and Linux. Apple won’t even tell you about a security problem until after they patch it, which can take up to 8 months after they discover it. Microsoft at least lets you know about security problems and gives work arounds right away.

  10. macs are far too expensive, cant play games, and this extra security that people say they have is nonsense. never had a virus??? lol. cd ripping is no faster than a pc. Also pc can run mac os.

  11. idk, some of the mac advantages aren’t really advantages, others are just wrong

    security, if you don’t click on every “you’ve won!” banner, you’ll be fine. and macs just need one guy(one can only hope) to write a program to totally cripple a mac, as they have no AV software.

    Typography, really? you’re going to include that? it’s not going to matter after you print it or mail it.

    Compatibility, you can definitely run say, any mac osx, on a pc, they have the same hardware.

    Speedtest, who taught you how to benchmark?, and plus you can’t really overclock a mac without it burn up

    plus the market stuff aren’t really advantages for pcs

  12. I like the multimedia section. Macs are superior in multimedia LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Mac’s have yet to have blueray, stupid idiot. Yea, its one thing but there are vast number’s of software for video editing and such on windows compared to back. Plus, bluray. Get a life Apple Fanboy

  13. Macs can run windows but windows cannot run macs. There may be some sort of confusion there. Mac computer’s can run windows because windows (mostly windows 7) can detect the driver’s automatically and its easy to install vs mac which can’t detect drivers therefore hard to install on anything other than apple computers. In other words, windows will install on any computer while mac will install only on apple computer there for window’s is superior on the “compatibility” part noooooooooooooooooooooooooooob.

  14. Just thought I would let you know that you CAN install Mac OSX on a windows computer but there sin’t much point to it because it’s designed to work with apple hardware.

  15. I work in the videography department of a CFL football team. We use windows exclusively for all of our video editing. (we need to cut up, label and print about 40 hours of video a week during the summer)

    I would never dream of trying to to that on a mac. It is simply not a realistic competitor. Macs are not superior for multimedia applications.

  16. Honestly a Mac is the greatest thing in the world! PC are just too industrial, I would be embarrassed to have one at my local coffee shop. It has great games too guys like all the apps you could ever want…duh.

    1. ” It has great games too guys like all the apps you could ever want…duh.”

      Yeaaaaah…. Bejeweled isn’t the kind of game we’re talking about.

  17. WOW! THIS IS SO WRONG. I have no idea where you get your crap facts from but, let’s debunk this crap one by one.
    STABILITY: Umm, what, Mac OSX does a pretty crappy job of stabilizing itself and “seperating program files from the OS” has absolutely NOTHING to do with stability at all.

    Security: Actually that is COMPLETELY FALSE. Macs are not only just as susceptible but, they are more exploitable because Apple hasn’t had a good reason to keep the security up on their OS. The only reason virus writers don’t rape every Apple user in the world is because they hold less than 10% of the market share.

    Reliability: Except when you try to move .app files across computers then Apples crap DRM will step in 😀

    Media: … WHAT? PC’s can play more media files out of the box than Mac OSX and also both OS’s can just download VLC which lets someone play pretty much any media file. I would be a draw if Apple computers could hold a better sound card but, it can’t 🙁

    Compatibility: Umm dude, any computer can run Mac OSX. Fail, bro.

    Typography: Uh, I’m pretty sure they are both equally good at that.

    Color Matching: Actually they are both equally good at that too.

    Speed: Umm how are you testing that because on my i7/16GB/nVidia 8800 computer (Which is the same price as the best Mac. Can do all that in like half the time.

    So yeah, you obviously have NO IDEA what you are talking about. You’re just another brainewashed Mac-Idiot who has no idea how computers actually work. If you did you would buy a Mac, plain and simple.

    1. *wouldn’t

      I just thought it was pretty vital to correct that typo =P. Don’t want people thinking intelligent people buy macs for work.

  18. “Can run windows OS” Vs. “Can’t run Mac OS”

    A few things about this.

    1. This is not actually true. Modern Macs and Windows boxes use the exact same hardware architecture. It is technically possible to run Mac OS on non-Mac, and plenty of people do it.

    2. It is, however, in violation of the Mac OS license. This is strictly a legal issue, per Apple’s decision, and not some deficiency on the part of Windows or Non-Mac Hardware.

    3. It also takes some effort to get everything working properly, owing to the fact that Apple has only made an effort to make their OS compatible with only the exact hardware models they use in their build, which means you frequently need to either utilize homebrew drivers, or plan ahead and use “Apple Certified” hardware in your Hackintosh.

    So, no, this really should not be a point in Apple’s favor, as you are misconstruing the reality of the situation. A more accurate comparison:

    Mac OS: Is not compatible with as wide a range of hardware and comes with a restrictive license that disallows installation on non-Apple brand hardware.

    Windows: Compatible with virtually all modern PC hardware regardless of model or manufacturer.

  19. I’ve never owned a mac personally, but had a chance to use them extensively for a video tech class. They froze up just as often as a PC, boot-up and shutdown times were the same, if not slower, than my PC at home, and hardware issues were a constant pain, even with the newer G5s. Nevertheless, i enjoyed using the Final Cut Studio software for video editing; great program, but unless you’re a professional film editor it’s hard to justify the $1k price tag.

  20. This wasn’t objective at all, not to mention it’s impossible to do a precise comparison of software between unix based and win32 based operating systems.
    Both operating systems, on their own, are stable. Both, though, are prone to instability when drivers/software are misconfigured or setup improperly.
    The security point is fair, I suppose.
    In regards to reliability, the reason OSX/Mac operating systems are more reliable when it comes to moving files around is because it is not designed for power users, but instead, it hides the lower-level pieces of the operating system. You are still able to access this, but OSX makes you jump through a few hoops to do so.
    In terms of editting media in a verbose manner, Mac certainly has more software, but this isn’t what most users care about. The average wannabe media-editting hipster just does basic photo editting, and there are plenty of applications for both operating systems. For people that do serious editting, I’ll admit that Mac seems to have more native software that works really well.
    Affordability and Selection, I don’t even have to go into that.
    Compatibility – the note in the webpage sucks. Ever since when is compatibility running an operating system. Even if it was, it is possible to run Mac OSX on PC hardware, but it does take a lot of tweaking and time. Anyway, if we are talking sheer compatibility, Mac systems have very limited hardware/upgradability.
    In as far as gaming is concerned, Steam is slowly adding Mac support, and as a result, there are more main-stream games heading in that direction, and this isn’t even counting Wine support for playing windows-based games in Unix systems.
    Regarding Big Screen connectivity, why is this even a boasting matter? Most people don’t care, and if they do, in most cases, both systems require an adapter, but I think in most cases, Apple-distributed adapters will probably be more expensive.
    Software compatibility is a waste to boast about. There is a pile of cross-platform applications that run flawlessly on both systems, and if that doesn’t work, both systems have many available emulators or environments to run software from other OSes.
    In as far as 3d rendering goes, both operating systems can run OpenGL, an industry standard, and everything beyond that is a hardware issue, not an operating system issue.
    I don’t know if the speed tests are accurate, since there are many factors that influence how fast a computer starts up, such as what drivers need to be loaded, in what order, and any operating system specific tasks (which are started at different times, and required at different points within the bootup process)

    Really, it boils down to preference, and most of these stats are bias towards certain tasks.
    I don’t know much about Typography and Color matching compared against both systems, so I’ll have to just accepts the presented data for now.

  21. I tend to agree that this infographic is crappy. Most of it is based on all of the preconceived notions of each system rather than the actual performance of each. Also, Macs don’t have AS MANY viruses as Windows computers. I’ve personally seen quite a few Mac viruses. And unless you click every random fucking link you see, you shouldn’t ever get a damn virus.

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