Caffeine Can Kill You: Here’s How

Caffeine Can Kill You: Here’s How

Even though caffeine intake has become a daily part of many people’s daily lives, the level at which we’re consuming it is definitely unhealthy. Here’s a look at what would happen if our obsession with caffeine took a turn for the extreme.

Death by Caffeine
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  1. That’s not nearly enough. Where I’m from, the police are lazy as hell, make wrongful arrests with excessive force all the time, and believe (know) that they are above prosecution because a) civilians can’t afford to prosecute, and b) local judges are unfair because the same people who pay the police salaries, pay the judges’. It’s disheartening, to say the least.

  2. with these statistics how many of these people are minorities and im sure this is only on sample of all the misconduct the police do all over the country

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